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Sunscreen with makeup is good option for summer

Sunscreen with makeup is good option for summer

For some women, using sunscreen daily is very difficult. As much as they know their need to prevent the development of skin cancer, blemishes, wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, among other evils, they can not reconcile the product and the makeup - not all they want or can get out there

Besides being perfectly possible to use a good protector with the usual makeup, today there are sunscreens with makeup, versatile products that also serve as the base to make the skin even.

And they are very effective, says the dermatologist Érica Monteiro, post-graduate in cosmiatry at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). "The sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays, and the pigment of iron oxide, which colors the base tone, blocks visible light, which is linked to the appearance of blemishes on the skin.

How to choose

Sunscreen with makeup can be used on a day-to-day basis and on the beach or in the pool - in the latter cases, however, only if there is no diving. If the plan is to wet the body and face, a water-resistant protector should be applied before it.

The biomedical esthete Monica Batista recommends that a product with a minimum SPF of 30 and protection against UVA rays should always be chosen as recommended by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and that preference is given to oil free. "With the heat, the oiliness of the skin increases, so oil should be avoided in cosmetics," she explains.

She also warns about the presence of aluminum in the formulas, since "aluminum is a powerful oxidizer and contributes to the increased incidence of cancer. "

Erica stresses that it is important to use a product suitable for the skin type: oily or mixed oils, lotions, gel or cream-free gel, while the dries need cream, even with the extra combination of moisturizer.

And, as obvious as it may seem, the dermatologist recalls that it is good to check if the color is compatible with the skin.

How to use

Protective applications and reapplications

The first application is made half an hour before exposure to the sun, to allow time for the product to penetrate the skin, and reapplications are every 2 or 3 hours (longer intervals). in direct sun exposure , and the longest day-to-day in the city.)

"One can not forget the reapplication of the afternoon, for there are sunny days until eight o'clock at night," warns Erica. You do not want to wear a makeup protector, but you want to make me look and protect me? No problem at all, as long as the correct order is followed.

Sunscreen is the priority, and should be applied on clean and dry skin. Ten minutes later, the makeup can begin to be made over this protection. Base, powder compact, shade, mask, eyeliner, blush, lipstick. All is cleared.

Attention, however, to the risk of allergic reactions. "They can be avoided by testing with any of these products in the forearm region," he said. "They are different manufacturers with different raw materials. , Monica advises.

Finally, the two experts reinforce: always wash the skin well, removing all makeup before the face. This prevents pores from becoming clogged and acne spots appear.

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