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Taurine is allied to the muscles and good for the heart

Taurine is allied to the muscles and good for the heart

Taurine is one of the non-essential amino acids. It supports neurological development and helps to regulate the level of water and blood salts. It contributes to the development of the nervous system, it detoxifies the body facilitating the excretion of substances by the liver that are no longer important to the body. Strengthens and strengthens heart contractions and protects heart cells. It has antioxidant action, fighting free radicals that damage cell membranes. It is a membrane stabilizer and modulator of calcium homeostasis. It is clearly related to the prenatal and postnatal development of the nervous and visual systems.

Although taurine is an end product of the metabolism of sulfur amino acids, it is also commonly obtained from diet. Taurine is present in most animal foods. On the other hand, the substance is absent or present at lower levels in most foods of plant origin. Drinks enriched with taurine have been popular for decades in Japan.

Benefits of Taurine

Allied Muscles: L-Taurine plays an important role in the production of nitric oxide, a natural gas in the human body, which increases the blood flow to the skeletal muscle. As a result there is increased blood flow. Increased blood flow means more oxygen and more nutrients for the muscles.

Prevents diabetes: Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid for humans, it is concentrated in the alpha cells of the pancreas. It improves the functioning of glucose and amino acid metabolism. Studies show that taurine somehow modulates paracrine control, in which a hormone produced by a cell controls the activity of the neighboring cell, insulin, favoring more or less secretion of the hormone depending on the case.

Good for the heart: In some cases, your doctor prescribes the use of taurine supplements that may help reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that may increase the risk of heart disease when detected at high levels. In addition, taurine stabilizes blood cholesterol levels.

Diuretic action: Taurine also has a diuretic action.

Taurine is good for immunity - Photo: Getty Images

Good for immunity: Taurine is beneficial to the immune system. This is because research has shown that taurine in the immune system modulates the action of T cells and reduces the presence of neutrophils in the inflammatory process. Taurine levels have been shown to decrease with age in healthy subjects, suggesting that taurine levels may have an antioxidant effect.

, but also in those suffering from Alzheimer's disease. A further therapeutic application of taurine depends on the positive results of these tests and it can not yet be effectively stated that taurine represents the cure in this type of treatment.

Recommended amount of taurine

The amount to be ingested of taurine will depend on and you should seek the advice of your doctor or nutritionist before taking taurine supplements. Taurine-rich foods

The main foods rich in taurine are those that have good amounts of protein like: fish, seafood such as seafood and oysters, poultry like dark meat of chicken and turkey and beef. Some foods of plant origin such as beets, nuts and beans also have taurine, but in lesser amounts.

Taurine Supplement

Taurine supplements are available as capsules, or powder, for oral intake. They help decrease protein losses and maximize the use of ingested proteins. Taurine is generally used in dietary supplements, combined with creatine, to boost muscle growth during bodybuilding workouts. Studies suggest that supplementing energy drinks helps to improve the athlete's and athlete's performance.

It is important to consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting to consume the taurine supplement.

L-Taurine is a substance totally beneficial to the human body, provided that it is used in the recommended dosage and with the help of nutrition professionals. It is important to maintain a balanced diet while ingesting taurine.

Taurine is commonly used in dietary supplements combined with creatine to boost muscle growth during bodybuilding workouts.

Excessive consumption risks

Not yet there are reports of toxicity with taurine. However, it is important not to exceed the recommended amount of the substance.

Combining taurine

Taurine is generally used in food supplements combined with creatine to enhance muscle growth during bodybuilding.

Taurine in energetic

Taurine is present in several energy drinks. It works by minimizing or even acting in some way as an antidote to some effects of the other substances present in energetics. Among the benefits of taurine is the fact that it minimizes the effects of the sympathetic nervous system that is directly affected by the high doses of caffeine present in energy.

In the energy formula, carbohydrates (glucoronolactone) are also present which can lead to gain weight and increased risk of developing diabetes. Some studies suggest that it improves the sensitivity to insulin action.

Caffeine is another substance present in large amounts in energetics. It acts in the central nervous system as a direct stimulant leaving our brain to be alert and with more attention and concentration, also reducing mental fatigue. Caffeine is widely used as an ergogenic resource, improving performance by athletes and athletes for acting to increase aerobic capacity with better muscle oxygenation, thus improving their performance.

In addition to this benefit, caffeine decreases the perception of fatigue in the brain of the athlete, causing it to take a little longer to reach exhaustion. Another attractive effect is the thermogenic, which by transforming fat into energy source generates heat and elevates body temperature, accelerating metabolism and favoring weight loss.

Problems of excess energy

Excess energy can cause health problems, especially as it leads to excess caffeine. Caffeine doses above 250 mg / day may already represent side effects.

The main problems of excessive energy consumption are:

Fasciculation and muscle tremors:

High levels of stimulating hormones flowing through the circulation the eyelids and muscles tremble for greater excitability.

Infarction and stroke:

Excitation substances also generate constriction of the arteries. In the brain, the tightness can lead to a stroke. In the heart, a heart attack. Dental erosion:

The low pH of energetics promotes an oral imbalance. Thus, calcium leaves the teeth, altering the surface of the enamel. Gastritis:

The hormones released because of the caffeine of the beverage favor the production of acids in the stomach. Dehydration:

This problem occurs by increasing the frequency with which the person pees. Anxiety and insomnia:

This is due to the effect of direct caffeine in the central nervous system. Medical doctor Euclésio Bragança, specialist in sports nutrition and founder of Integralmédica

Weight Loss Supplements: Understand All About

Weight Loss Supplements: Understand All About

Pharmacological treatment for excess weight is surrounded by a host of controversies and "comings and goings." Drugs withdrawn from the market and then returned (as recently occurred with amphetamine derivatives - amfepramone, mazindol and femproporex); insecurities on the part of patients regarding the so-called "rebound effect" (fear of gaining more weight than what was lost when the drug was discontinued); enormous lists of possible side effects that are contained in the leaflets of these drugs (and which doctors insist on asking patients not to read) etc.


When cooking a good dish with vegetables and vegetables, you consume fiber, vitamins and minerals for a few calories

When cooking a good dish with vegetables and vegetables, you consume fiber, vitamins and minerals for a few calories

Long life begins with healthy dish - Photo: Getty Images But care is taken in the choice of food. Some combinations may be true pitfalls, as nutritionist Carolina Mesquita explains. The specialist advises to stay away from sauces containing milk. "Calcium competes with iron and impairs its absorption, and also avoid anything that contains fat and high sodium content, responsible for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.