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Tea between meals can be a holy remedy

Tea between meals can be a holy remedy

If there is something we should all copy from the English is the famous hour of tea.

In fact, people know so little about this drink that many people do not even think that teas are derived from the same plant, cammelia sinensis, and that it is not consumed in Brazil. that the oxidation process ends up differentiating the types.

The procedure is responsible for the change in the color of the leaves, as well as their flavor and the amount of antioxidants present. Black tea, for example, is the one that undergoes more changes. As a consequence of this process, there is a drastic decrease in its antioxidant power.

Tea brings numerous health benefits - Photo: Getty Images

Green tea, which does not go through the stage of oxidation of leaves, has a high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants, is an ally in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and infections. In addition, of course, to accelerate the metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

White tea is the least processed, so it is the one that best maintains all the beneficial properties of the drink, says nutritionist Daniela Jobst. Yellow tea contains basically the same characteristics as green, with the attractiveness of being a tastier variety.

Red tea, also known as a fat-eater, also varies from green, but it undergoes a longer fermentation process.

Dehydration and liquid retention can also be combated with the ingestion of

teas. Strictly speaking, these would be the only drinks that could be called tea. But today hot water mixtures with leaves, flowers and even fruits are also known by that name. In this group enter chamomile, lemon balm, yerba mate, boldo and etc.

Know the benefits of health teas:

Chamomile tea: good anti-inflammatory, also acts against stomach disorders and insomnia.

Tea •

Lemon balm tea: soothes, as well as fighting cramps and relieving discomfort accused by gas.

Peppermint tea: regulates the functioning of the intestine and stimulates the digestive system. it prevents gastric irritations.

Valerian tea: natural soothing, it is perfect for treating sleep disorders.

Mallow tea: indicated against cough and diseases of the larynx.

Ginger tea: calms the digestive tract and is energizing.

Regardless of the characteristics of each type, drinking tea between meals can be a holy remedy. The drink helps in replenishing water, as the body absorbs hot water faster than ice, improves digestion, helps prevent constipation and even kidney stones. Dehydration and liquid retention can also be counteracted by ingestion of the drink.

But be careful not to go to the popular market and buy sheets unknown or indicated by lay people to prepare an infusion. Some teas can cause adverse effects. Pregnant women or cancer patients should redouble their care for the drink.

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