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Thoughts can influence the way external sounds are heard

Thoughts can influence the way external sounds are heard

Our thoughts have the ability to influence, for example, in our moods, in the way we view life and, depending on the case, even in our health. However, research by the University of New York has found that our thoughts can affect even our hearing.

The study titled "Influences of Imagined Speech on Sound Perception" and published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, offers new insights into the nature of brain activity. According to the researchers when our inner world, of our thoughts and feelings, is noisy consequently the outer sounds get lower.

What happens is that so many images when the perception activates the same auditory areas in the brain. Thus, the internal image already activates the auditory areas and when the external sound is captured, the brain regions are already "occupied" and therefore will not be able to identify all the sounds.

How the study was done

To To carry out the study, the researchers performed sound tests with a group of participants. At first the volunteers needed to mentally speak some syllables. They were then asked to imagine that they were pronouncing the same syllables in a high volume. At last, they had to imagine that they were pronouncing the syllables almost like a mental whisper.

As they uttered the sounds internally the participants listened to outside sounds and had to say on a scale of 1 to 5 how loud the sound they were listening .

Scientists found that the higher the sound of thought, the lower the perception of external sound.

How to quiet the mind

One of the reasons why our thoughts are higher than normal can be linked to emotional issues. In these cases, it is important to assess whether these issues are taking an unexpected place in your life. And if necessary, seek help from a professional.

But there are also some techniques that can calm the noisy thoughts, breathing properly can help. Here is the step by step of a breathing exercise that can be done as soon as you wake up:

1. Inhale slowly through the nostrils, counting to three.

2. Hold your breath, also counting to three.

3. Exhale slowly through the mouth, counting to six.

4. When inhaling, let the air pass through the diaphragm and fill the abdomen.

5. Hold for three seconds inflated in this manner.

6. When you eliminate the air, make your abdomen more and more shrinking until it is completely emptied. Repeat this breathing for five or six times in a row. It will produce a reduction in anxiety.

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