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Tribulus terrestris: plant increases testosterone and improves libido

Tribulus terrestris: plant increases testosterone and improves libido

is a weed of the family Zygophyllaceae and native to hot regions. It is widely used as a sexual stimulant and it is also believed that it can help control blood pressure, reduce triglyceride levels and help gain muscle mass. Discover what has already been proven about Tribulus terrestris and what is still under study. Nutrients

Tribulus terrestris has the substance protodioscin, which will be responsible for all the benefits attributed to the plant. Studies indicate that protodioscin stimulates another substance called nitric oxide, which in turn has a vasodilatory effect. Therefore, some animal studies have pointed out that tribulus terrestris would be able to lower blood pressure and studies in humans have shown that the plant contributes to a longer erection.

Prodiosiosine present in the plant still inhibits angiotensin converting enzyme when produced in large quantities leads to increased blood pressure. In addition, the protodioscin present in tribulus terrestris can stimulate the hormone LH located in the testis of man. When this hormone is stimulated there is an increase in the production of testosterone.

Benefits under study

Provides a longer lasting erection:

One of the few proven benefits of tribulus terrestris in humans through studies is to provide a lasting erection. This probably occurs because the plant contributes to vasodilation by containing protodioscin. This same substance may slightly increase the levels of testosterone which would also contribute to the longer lasting erection. However, the increase in testosterone has only been observed in animal studies. In humans this benefit has not yet been established. Increases libido:

Another point observed in human research is that tribulus terrestris contributes to the increase of the libido. Although no testosterone elevation has been found in human research, it is believed that this high libido occurs because the plant would lead to a transient growth of this hormone. Thus, it would be difficult to observe a testosterone elevation in humans in the research. Reduces blood pressure:

Animal studies have observed that tribulus terrestris contributes to blood pressure lowering. This benefit would occur for two reasons. Protodioscin stimulates another substance called nitric oxide which in turn has a vasodilatory effect. It also inhibits the angiotensin-converting enzyme, which when produced in large quantities leads to increased blood pressure. Controls triglycerides:

Animal research has also noted that tribulus terrestris would contribute to glucose reduction in rats . Improves fertility

Studies indicate that tribulus terrestris improves the creation of sperm (called spermatogenesis) in men and ovulation of women, and can be an ally of fertility. Tribulus terrestris and muscle mass gain

Tribulus terrestris prolongs erection - Photo: Getty Images

Although well known for contributing to muscle mass gain, human research has not found that Tribulus terrestris provides increased muscle mass.

Recommended amount

The guideline is to ingest three doses of tribulus terrestris per day according to the guidance of the specialist who indicated this herbal remedy.

How to consume

Tribulus terrestris is usually ingested in the form of an extract or capsule. One should not pick up his plant in the unnatural form and try to prepare a tea. It is interesting to ingest each of the three doses of tribulus during the main meals.

For men the guidance is to take the tribulus for four to six weeks and then take a break at the same time.

Tribulus terrestris and women:

All searches performed on humans with tribulus terrestris were in men. Therefore, the scientists concluded that benefits like increased libido could occur in women as well, but there is no proof. If women want to ingest tribulus terrestris, they should always stop drinking 5 days before menstruation and only resume after the end of menstruation. Caring for

Tribulus terrestris is indicated for men with erection problems and also for people who have a hormonal fall. Tribulus terrestris can only be ingested after medical advice.


Tribulus terrestris increases libido - Photo: Getty Images

Tribulus terrestris is not geared to everyone. People who have any type of cancer should avoid it. Women with changes in the adrenal, with excess hair, clitoris hypertrophy problems, androgynous syndromes, hair loss and oily skin should also not consume. Tribulus terrestris is not intended for pregnant women, infants and children.

Risks from overeating

Excessive or prolonged consumption of tribulus terrestris can cause a number of health problems. In women complications include: clitoris enlargement, menstrual cycle alteration, acne, hair enlargement and infertility. In men, the problems are: testicular atrophy and infertility. In men with prostate cancer or testicular testicle cancer, a worsening of the condition may occur.

Consulted source:

Nutrologist and general practitioner Roberto Navarro, specialist My Life. CRM: 78392 / SP

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