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Urinary Tract Infection: How Homeopathy Can Help

Urinary Tract Infection: How Homeopathy Can Help

Urinary tract infection (UTI) should always be treated with caution and safety by repercussions throughout the urinary tract.

When we talk about urinary tract infections, they can occur either upwards (coming from the external environment through the urethra) or through the propagation of microorganisms into the bloodstream . It can happen with many symptoms: fever, pain, impairment of the general state, but it can pass silent and when discovered we can have a severe infectious picture, a pyelonephritis even with loss of kidney function.

Recent studies show almost similar efficacy in treatments allopathic and homeopathic.

In the consultation, it is important to evaluate not only the disease but also the general condition of the patient, if he is an individual with good reactivity, previous chronic diseases, so that he can make the best choice of the medicine simillimun for the disease. If our patient is young, without previous illnesses, it is much safer to treat. But in contrast to an elderly patient with associated chronic diseases, it becomes more difficult to choose a drug. The depth of action of the drug should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Patients with recurrent urinary tract infections usually come to the office, all the investigations have been done, and the infirmity repeats with some frequency. More varied complaints, but generally low fever, vague malaise, pain and odor in the urine. The repertoire of symptoms is done, plus the individualization of the patient, we medicate.

Results of homeopathy

Urinary tract infections include urethritis, where it manifests with a lot of pain when urinating and a greater frequency to go to the bathroom, always making little urine . This table has excellent results with general measures, seat bath and the best homeopathic that describes this symptom: burning and pain when urinating.

This is the common situation in both children and adults, especially in women. Menstruation, the intimate relationship, increase the friction of the region favoring the contamination. In menopause, the lack of hormones causes the mucosa to become very delicate, friable, and is more easily compromised.

Unlike urethritis, in urinary tract infections we sometimes go through other routes. In the absence of excellent results, I sometimes use Tautotherapy, which by definition is the treatment by the same causative microorganism. A homeopathic medicine is prepared with Escherichia coli or Proteus , micro-organisms that cause the infection.

The urinary tract infection should have homeopathic or allopathic the same evaluation care. I question whether the repetition itu would not be abusive and indiscriminate use of antibiotic therapy.

Nothing against, but antibiotic prescription should be made with adequate criteria and protocols. Homeopathy in the same way, one must respect the four pillars of homeopathy, individualization of the patient and follow closely. The well-diagnosed and well-treated UTI should be under control, with serial exams for 12 months.

Urinary tract infection in children

In children we pay more attention to urinary tract infections in children. As the urethra is longer, infection from the urethra, ie from the outside to the inside is more difficult to occur. In these cases always search for congenital malformations. In girls, it is more frequent since the urethra is short, which facilitates the proliferation of microorganisms.

Hygiene and care with the genital region are essential in babies to wash with water and neutral soap to diaper changes; In the girls care in keeping panties always dry. The girls hold a lot to go to the bathroom.

Remember to always clean after urinating and defecating, the ideal is always to use water. Also be careful with the use of toilet paper, recyclables can contaminate and produce burning and pain.

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