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Use the baby instead of the weight of the weight

Use the baby instead of the weight of the weight

As soon as the baby is born, begins that mixture of joy and fatigue. The happiness of enjoying the child comes in shock with the lack of time, especially in the first months of motherhood. Then, after the initial recovery period (longer for cesareans, inclusive), it is normal to start looking in the mirror, wondering: and now, what do I do to get back to the old form?

"When I became pregnant , I could hardly wait to become a mother.After my son was born, I saw how hard it was to get away from him to go to work.But I needed to stay in shape as soon as possible, after all I always worked with fitness! , says Lisa Druxman, author of the Lean Mommy bestseller, from Warner Books Inc., which has yet to be translated into Brazil.

And that's how Lisa had to create what became the content of the book: a method that helps mothers lose extra pounds without having to move away from their small children. Most women who have just become mothers want to lose weight and eliminate fat but do not know where to start. Well my suggestion is: start right now and take your baby along! .

The American method can be done anywhere, including in the playground where mothers get together to play with their children. The idea is to do one-hour sessions. But you can start with 30-minute workouts and keep moving up to 75 minutes. Cheered So, get ready to pull and push the stroller, make more vigorous walks and enjoy that little ones increase weight fast to tone your muscles.

1-a) Butt and thighs hard!

Need: Your baby into the cart

1-b) Lower at the most until the right thigh is parallel to the ground, with your right knee at a 90 ° angle. Take a few breaths by contracting your buttocks and thighs and return to the starting position by inhaling as you climb. Change your legs and repeat the exercise 10 times.

2) Strong back and back painless

You need: your baby in a kangaroo style bag

3 a) Pectoral muscles and abdomen by day You need: Your baby in the cart

Kneel in front of the cart, holding the base with both hands. Stay as far as possible from the cart without losing the full contact with the palms of the hands, with your trunk and hips forming a diagonal line, inclined towards the cart.

3-b) Activate the abdominal muscles well and bend your elbows, so as to bring your chest closer to the baby's feet inside the trolley. Hold for a few breaths and stretch your arms, returning to the starting position. Change your legs and repeat the exercise 10 times.

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4) War on the belly!

Need: your baby

When to start working out?

We asked the teacher of Physical Education and Personal Trainer of Vital Academy, Tânia de Almeida, what to expect and when to start with physical exercises after a pregnancy. Look what she said:

1. After the baby is born, how long do I have to wait to work out?

This varies. Normal labor takes an average of 30 days. A cesarean section requires at least 2 months. But the pre-delivery routine also interferes with this schedule. If the pregnant woman did not exercise, she should expect a longer recovery time, since the muscles and body are not accustomed.

2. What kinds of exercises do you recommend?

Aerobics, especially. The ideal is to walk or run at idle, no exaggeration. Do this kind of exercise, every day, half an hour. And supplement with lightweight bodybuilding twice a week to strengthen your muscles.

3. How soon do the results appear?

From the second month on, you can feel the difference. A combined exercise routine for breastfeeding is the best recipe for weight loss, especially if you already did some exercise before pregnancy.Liposuction: is it worth thinking about?

Do you want to opt for a lipo? Doctors indicate that after six months the abdomen has already experienced its retraction period and all the uterine swelling is gone. However, full postpartum (phase in which the woman's organism rearranges her hormonal clock) takes the time of one pregnancy: nine months. That is, it is necessary to respect this time to start thinking about facing a liposuction

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