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You are devoid of what?

You are devoid of what?

We live with "needy" people, everywhere, have you noticed? And have you ever wondered if you are one of them?

Dear: This term is even used to define some poorer population of a certain place. But in fact, what are these people really lacking and what do we equate to all of them?

Some complain of lack of money, lack of a decent place to live, lack of employment, lack of attention by people with who live together, but deep down everything is a lack of one thing: lack of oneself!

We still hope that the changes happen from the outside to the inside, that everything out there adapts to what we truly want. And the result is this excessive need. And we end up wasting time complaining about situations: at work, in family relationships, in our city, on the planet, etc.

If we are needy, we can clearly say that we do not take care of ourselves enough as we should, we value how we still could. Some say they do not need anyone. But we need people, we need to relate.

You do not have to become dependent on someone, dependent on the other giving you the food to be happy.

But the difference is: you do not have to become dependent on someone, dependent that the other give you food to be happy! The food to be happy is within yourself.

You can have a cloudy day, but make your afternoon be sunny! It depends on you. It is up to you to create the means to feel good about yourself and let your soul express itself.

Let people be part of your world, invite them to play when your spirit is pure joy! But if one of these days you need to play alone, do not forget to do it! Do not void your joy because someone did not want to play with you! Sing, find beautiful things in life and share them. Be a magnet that attracts good situations simply by being and not by "doing" or "having". Just be!

Everything in life in excess is poison. For all there is a measure. If you are long in mourning or sadness, pay attention!

Maybe at some point you had to create an emotional or physical "sickness" to get attention and care of others, but realize, all this is fleeting. Create deep roots in your life with people, not addictive addictive or addictive relationships with someone. Change: Listen, speak, touch and let yourself be touched.

You lose nothing by letting the grace leave your life and give place to a new radiant person. Incidentally, you win, and a lot. Resume your energy, make it different, get out of any victim process and be the first person in your life. Be in your center!

Give a

Give a "anti-thing" gift on Father's Day

On Father's Day, gift for your sweetheart is not always an easy task, is not it? The list of possibilities is usually large. Shirt, perfume, books, belt, socks, tie, drill, and other items that always leave us with that doubt: will he like this? Giving gifts, somebody said, is an art. But giving a good gift does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money or giving something flashy.


Check out the image that will make you relax in a few minutes

Check out the image that will make you relax in a few minutes

This image will surely help you to relax in a few minutes. Just breathe as the GIF moves. Inspire as the GIF expands and exhale as it retracts. Inhale as the Gif expands and loosens as it closes Inhale as the Gif expands and loosens as it closes