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White tongue can cause bad breath and indicate the presence of diseases

White tongue can cause bad breath and indicate the presence of diseases

Observing one's own language is a simple way to assess overall health. This practice has been used for over 5,000 years by Chinese medicine. According to ancient wisdom, the tongue would contain extensions of the meridians of the body, allowing the energy of vital organs to be visible in it.

The healthy tongue is rosy and covered by a fine, moist secretion. Changes in color and shape may indicate lack of some vitamins. A whitish tongue may indicate iron or biotin deficiency. Already a reddish and swollen tongue can mean lack of vitamins E, B2 and B3. When there is a reduction in salivary flow, increased salivary viscosity or tongue flaking, there is an increase in the amount of salivary gum and salivary gland. Lingual saburra is a whitish or yellowish secretion that adheres to the back of the tongue and is composed of remnants of food, cells of the buccal mucosa, and bacteria. Bacteria feed on these leftover food and desquamated cells and cause a fermentation that releases the VSC (Volatile Sulfur Component).

According to Ana Kolbe, dental surgeon and president of the Bahia Association of Studies and Researches on Mouth Odors, we usually all have a thin layer of odor which in small amount releases very little VSC. When the coating is at normal levels, the sulfur produced is not sufficient to be noticeable in the human nose and compromise breath.

However, it is sufficient to have a fever or any organic change so that the amount of the coating increases sufficiently. cause bad breath. Emotional factors, stress, anxiety, traumas, and the use of medications, such as antidepressants, can increase the amount of pain that is experienced by a child. Other diseases may leave the tongue white, for example:

White lesions

Irritative focal hyperkeratosis

Lichen planus

Leucoplasia pilosa

Oral candidiasis (Moniliase)

  • These lesions do not go away with cleaner need treatment. Be sure to consult your doctor or dentist for the correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • How to maintain tongue hygiene?
  • The rash can and should be eliminated through a device called a tongue cleaner. The cleaner is much more efficient than the brush and should be used daily for oral hygiene.
  • Some people do not use the cleaner for fear of craving. The dentist can guide how to use the tongue cleaner. If used correctly, the tongue cleaner does not cause discomfort - on the contrary, it leaves a very nice clean mouth feel.

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