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Woman has vaginal lips "glued" after long time without sexual intercourse

Woman has vaginal lips

The discovery of the problem occurred when the woman went to a clinic to perform tests to treat cancer of the esophagus. According to doctors who treated the elderly woman, virtually all of her vulva was covered, there was only a small space for the urine to be removed.

Although she had difficulty urinating, the patient revealed that she had not sought a doctor to treat the problem because "I did not feel so much pain, just some discomfort." In addition, the woman told doctors that she had twice given birth, had a normal delivery, and had no history of recurrent infections or pelvic trauma, which could explain the case.

After the initial diagnosis, the woman was referred to the department of gynecological surgery when the team identified, through a tomography, a high accumulation in the region of the vagina. According to the doctors, this accumulation was the urine that was not eliminated correctly, leaving residues in the region. However, after performing urine tests, possible infections were ruled out. So, doctors pointed out that the problem may have happened due to low levels of estrogen. the problem is quite common in girls before puberty. However, it rarely affects postmenopausal women - who may suffer from hypoestrogenism.

The doctors argued that the woman's sedentary lifestyle and the lack of a sexual partner were to blame: "The decline in overall activity and lack of sex were the main factors that caused lip-smacking. "

The older woman had to undergo a simple surgery to separate the labia. The patient is well and after the procedure received an estrogen ointment to prevent her lips from fusing again.


Menopause is a natural process of the female organism and may not require treatment. However, if symptoms are very uncomfortable, the menopause treatment done to improve the woman's quality of life.

To alleviate the symptom of vaginal dryness, many experts may recommend the use of topical estrogen, that is cream in the area of ​​the vagina itself. This method is useful mainly in women who have vaginal atrophy, pain in intercourse and urogynecological problems.

Vaginal atrophy is defined as the drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to lack of estrogen production. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause, but can also develop during breastfeeding or any time a woman's body decreases estrogen production.

Therefore, seek guidance at the nearest health facility. your home and talk to your doctor at the first signs of menopause to see if it will be necessary to treat.

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