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Wonder Woman of racing tells how she overcame a tumor in childhood

Wonder Woman of racing tells how she overcame a tumor in childhood

At age 11, Eliete Malta was diagnosed with a benign tumor, called histiocytosis, located on the right side of his head. It was two and a half years of treatment until she was fully recovered, when she could go back to playing sports at school.

Initially, she practiced swimming, but she always ran to warm up, that's where she started to love racing. She used to run through the streets of the city of Sumaré, in the interior of São Paulo, where she lived. Her talent and passion caught the attention of other runners who invited her to join a group of amateur athletes.

From then on, she remained steady between training and racing until she took part in her first competition in 2002. A few months then the runner was already competing for the first time at the San Silvestre Race. Eliete has been on more than 300 podiums and does not want to ever stop racing.

Wonder Woman

During the 2006 San Silvestre Race, she earned the nickname "Wonder Woman". After finishing the women's competition, she put her medal on her neck and went to accompany a friend who was not so well prepared, but this generated a certain curiosity in those who attended.

"Some saw me running with the men and began to speak: 'O that you are doing there, pangaré.Your proof is already.' From hearing these comments, my friend was indignant, pulled the medal from my neck and said that I had already completed the women's race and would run the total of 30km. began to shout "It's Wonder Woman!" she recalled.

Since then, Eliete began to recognize and take pride in her nickname: "I met my husband at the street races. We were friends and the sport united us. We got engaged on the podium of the Boldrini Race in 2012, we got married and went to celebrate the Honeymoon running the Disney Marathon in Orlando. "

It was her husband who produced Wonder Woman fantasies for her and her "Isabella, a dog that is known as the" wonder dog, "is almost always present on the podium with the owner.

Eliete and Isabella are not the only ones to wear costumes in races. clothes of Superman and thus they became the family of the Justice League in the races.

"Sport heals all evils"

Sport is capable of transforming lives, either physically or psychologically.For Eliete, the sport served as a motivation and, with pride, she wants to pass it on to other people: "Sport is a motivation for life. Anyone has the ability to overcome and achieve their goals, just start and dedicate. One step at a time. And when you least expect it, the sport is already part of you. Sport brings joy and happiness, develops inner strength, and creates within everyone a sense that we can overcome the greatest adversities of our lives. "

Eliete had a dream of becoming a physical educator, and succeeded in accomplishing it.

#Iu Can: a cause of inclusion in sports and of the right.

I can: a cause of inclusion in sports and of the right to a healthier life

For many Brazilians, practicing physical activity is still a right to be conquered and, therefore, My Life is engaged in the cause # I Can, which brings to the fore the discussion about the right that everyone

Eliete Malta family - photo: disclosure / Facebook



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